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About Us

Bachrun and Mahalia LoMele say hello from their home in Pinehurst, California

About Bachrun LoMele

Since we relocated from New York City to the Sierra Nevada foothills near Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park, Bachrun has continued to pursue his fine art career and art practice. His work draws inspiration from Medieval manuscripts, Islamic calligraphy, decorative arts of all kinds and "outsider" art, as well as his long experience as an illustrator.

Boyden Cavern

Bachrun created an image for Boyden Cavern, a historic cave attraction in Sequoia National Forest (adjacent to Kings Canyon National Park), for a wood postcard, wood stickers (with package design by Mahalia), and metal tumblers.


Contact us if you would like us to develop imagery and products for you.


Retailers! We'd love to be included in your store. Please contact us or shop on Faire.


Morning Paper dot Design offers nature art prints, wood postcards, notebooks, stickers, bandanas, and home decor, inspired by California's Sierra Nevada, the decorative arts, and classic book illustration. 

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